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What's our "Policy" on Thunder and Lightning?

04/03/2015, 2:15pm EDT
By The Commish

As we fast approach our rainy (and thunder and lightning) Spring,,,, we were recently asked about our policy regarding the weather and our games.

We will try and clarify...

First and foremost,,,, SAFETY FIRST.

The safety of our officials and players supersedes ANY desire to play the game in the conditions of thunder and lightning.

Basically, we make every effort to get the games in (if we can). By rule, officials must wait approximately 30 mins between lightning strikes before starting or resuming play.

As the lights at many if not most most of our county facilities go off by about 11PM,,, if we haven't started a 9:15 game by 9:45PM you probably are NOT getting the game in.

Here are a couple of options for team captains and lead officials have for abbreviating MMLL games (in the event of thunder and lightning):

  1. Reduce the playing quarters from 18 to 15 (or even 10) mins running time, or as a last resort, 

  2. Go to a 20-min running half.

Please be sure that BOTH teams agree to the changes to the game times before proceeding.

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