Fees and Charges
The below contains relevant information regarding this year's league fees and costs.
Dues and Registration

The 2014 league fees are $1800 per team for Masters and $1500 per team for Grand Masters and includes all applicable county and officials fees.  The full amount of the dues must be paid prior to the start of each season, and $150 is a no-show retainer that is refunded to each team so long as they post for and play in all of their games. All Masters team rosters must include all their players for the year and be submitted on the required registration form by the team Captains to the league and Anne Arundel County no later than week 4. Grand Masters will submit their rosters through the Howard County Recs and Parks Department, also prior to week 4.

Newly minted masters and grand masters players and teams are contacting us regularly who are interested in joining the league,,, and in order to keep balance for competition and scheduling, we grow the league by and maintain an even number of teams for all age groups. If you are interested in joining the league,,, feel free to contact us at mmll@mdmasterslax.org.

The league has contracted for two (2) officials per game this year for all Anne Arundel and Howard County regular season games. Officials have been coordinated through the respective officials organizations and will be paid directly by the League for all Masters regular season and playoff games for both the Masters and Grand Masters divisions.
The cost per game has been negotiated by the League and Officials groups in advance on a per official / per game basis. Officials fees are included in the above Masters annual league fees, but not included in the Grand Masters annual team fees.


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